None Of Your Business

by Waste

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released February 24, 2016

Vocals/Bass - Ben
Guitar/Vocals - Jackson
Drums - Taylor

Recorded/produced by Blake Hardman & David Hobbs at The Boner Den.

Special thanks to Josh Landrith for being our first friend and for giving us a chance. Thanks to Blake Hardman, Brady O'Brien, David Hobbs, Jessica Haley, Celosia, Debris, & Hanging Moon.



all rights reserved


Waste Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: N.O.Y.B.
My life's none of your fucking business.
Track Name: Minority Of One
Leave me alone, get out of my head
No footprints on the path I tread
Try to take my freedom,
try to take what's mine
I'll walk outside them
while you live between the lines

I'm not crazy
You're the delusional one
I'm not crazy
I'm a minority of one

Try to tell me things that don't make sense
Waste your fucking life on the things you regret
Try to tell me lies, I've heard it all before
Boot to your face when you're down on the floor

I'm not crazy
You're the delusional one
I'm not crazy
I'm a minority of one

Not fucking crazy
Boot to your face
Track Name: Eraserhead
You're not having fun unless you're drunk or high
Under the influence just to get through life
Temporary friends and temporary bliss
Take a look back at the life you missed

Dont get me wrong, you can do what you like
Destroy yourself night after night
Take another hit, take another taste
Not much time left for you to waste

Im not disgusted by you or the drugs that you take
But by how you act and the choices you make
It's not my fault that you can't cope
What will you do at the end of your rope
Track Name: Colorblind
How can you live with such intolerance?
Too blind to see past your ignorance
How can you hate what is different than you?
Nothing you say will make it come true

Scared of the future
Scared of the change
Can't to see past your ignorant ways
Afraid of the truth
Afraid of something new
Scared someone else might take control over you

A bullet in the head for scum like you
Fuck yourself
And your racist attitude
Track Name: Bite It
Spend your life trying to get on top
Climbing the ladder that will never stop
Too weak to stand
You reach out your hands
and try to make a living out of someone else's plan

I know that it's hard, but why can't you think for yourself?
You're so lame, you've got to be somebody else.

Live your life, and I'll live mine
Waste your time until you die.

I'm not that dumb, and I'm not naive
Enough to let you try and pull that shit on me
Do something unique, prove that you can think
When you're gone, no one's going to blink

All that you've done is watch your brains rot
Trying to get what others have got
The only thing you've done for yourself
is tie your own noose.

So I'll sit here and I'll watch
Because you can't hang on forever
And I'll wait for you to bite it.
Track Name: Weak
We all have our flaws
We all have our vices
Ruin our existence over selfish devices
Hide behind the walls
Hide behind the doors
We want to escape but come back for more

Self destruct from the inside out
This has become what your life's about
Crumble faster, out of control
Waste away while it takes it's toll

Hollow body
Shallow mind
Empty voice
Blinded Eyes

We all have a way for dealing with pain
The struggle to get through another day

But I wont be that fuckin weak